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Stocks of Weapons and Predatory vs Preemptive Motives to Fight

Let us return to the ideas about whether nuclear weapons lead to war or peace and what we should think about nuclear initiatives of states. In Conflict and Deterrence under Strategic Risk, Chassang and Padro-i-Miguel investigate whether stocks of weapons … Continue reading

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War and State-Building

International conflict is related to many other political and economic phenomena. So even if you are not directly interested in wars, you might need to understand and model them to understand a different question. An example of this is state-building. … Continue reading

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Nuclear Superiority

Interested in the topic of nuclear weapons? There are two interesting articles in the most recent issue of International Organization, which is one of the most widely-read international relations journals. The interesting fact is that they reach opposing conclusions about … Continue reading

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Nuclear Iran

Here is the Foreign Affairs article in which Kenneth Waltz, one of the most prominent scholars of realism, argues about why he thinks Iran should get the nuclear bomb. From the article: “Most U.S., European, and Israeli commentators and policymakers … Continue reading

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Modeling Macro-Politics

My first post is going to be about modeling, in particular what I feel to be the best way of modeling when it comes to macro-political issues (such as wars, democratization, state formation, etc). In both economics and political science … Continue reading

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